eRama offers a mega selection of premium music and video entertainment for purchase, including new releases mostly not available in the stores. eRama's easy to browse and download services is powered by our own high-end servers of which when connected, can form a friendly ecosystem that consumers can use to seamlessly choose, move and view music and video entertainment. eRama is constantly upgrading the system so that consumers may enjoy connectivity to their TVs, MP3 players, set top DVRs and mobile media players from leading manufacturers. Besides having available a variety of content online, eRama will also be powering Audio-Books, Live Chat, Forums, Ringtones and many more..It is instantly accessible wherever you are. So Browse-Download..and Enjoy !!


Over the past 3 years, we have done extensive research on the market needs of online downloads. The cry for a variety of content, user-generated-content, cheap and most importantly user-friendly. This is the need of consumers. Being in the entertainment industry for a number of years now, we believe in giving focus to the structure of our system be it in marketing or networking. We need to constantly impress our consumers with technology beyond any limits.


Pay-Per-Download: music and movies are available for purchase, providing customers an unlimited viewing and listening period. As with all eRama downloads, customers can start watching in minutes or download the file and watch it anytime, anywhere. Pay-Per-Download movies are priced between RM5.00 to RM10.00 and music are priced between RM0.90 to RM3.00.